Titan Suspension leads in innovation of shock absorbers and coilovers through its mono-tube technology. All Titan Suspension’s shock absorbers are designed to enhance driving experience without compromising road safety.

The idea behind every Titan Suspension shock absorber is to provide exhilarating ride performance not only to the enthusiasts but also to the mass market with custom suspensions. Titan Suspension’s shock absorbers and coilovers caters to most cars make and model.

Our inverted mono-tubes suspension technology results in a delivery of more comfortable and firmer ride through :
a) strong oversized piston rods under hard cornering
b) consistent damping through better heat dissipation
c) controlled ride with extra capacity of oil & gas retained

Titan Suspension has always be recognized for its top quality and high performance shock absorbers and as a innovative systems partner for the Malaysia automobile industry. Each piece of our shock absorbers embeds the vision of its founding father to create the best riding experience for all drivers.

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